KREATE is an extension of Kreatif Beats. Unlike the short articles in Kreatif Beats, it aims to publish research papers, working papers, conceptual papers revolving around topics of which the name stands for, within the contexts of art & design, and design education.

KREATE stands for:

K – Knowledge
R – Revolutionary
E – Education
A – Art & Design
T – Technology
E – Environment & Society


KREATE welcomes scholarly works on art and design education, visual communication powered by design and technology, design and society, design practices and new media trends.

Research Cluster

The contribution of research articles in KREATE will also be in line with The Design School’s research clusters:

Design Culture & Design Principles/ The area is identified as one of the diverse focuses in design research at the design school where design/ designing can be a dynamic process with transformative sense, that is enabling and even emancipatory. The research group works between theoretical reflection on the nature of design and case studies of design culture and practices, and from research-based perspectives to the experience-based perspectives of design insiders.

Research lead: Dr. Yip Jinchi
Members: Mr. Vinod Nair, Mr. Charles Sharma Naidu, Mr. Asrizal Razali, Ms. Nur Diana Rosli.

Design As Future-making/ The research group works on exploring creative and transgressive approaches to thinking about scientific and humanistic inquiry practices. It focuses on and promotes the transformative design values where design/designer researchers become transformers who generate novel solutions through digital media that contribute to a more flexible world.

Research lead: Dr. Noorhayati Saad
Members: Mr. Michael Choong, Mr. Shamsul Hamimi, Mr. Vickram Vijayan, Mr. Charles Sharma Naidu

Social Design/ The area is identified as the new lines of social insistence in the world of design: that designers/ design researchers work to meet objectives of sustainability, access and safety to bring about social good or social change. The research group works on recognising the value of design as a means of generating changes in the way we do things and what we want to become.

Research lead: Dr. Pouline Koh
Members: Ms Aidatul Kushairi, Mr. Vickram Vijayan, Ms. Norji Nasir