How to make reusable sanitary pad
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In 2019, Taylor’s Hostel Management (THM) initiated the LaunchPad project, a flagship Service Learning programme with an aim to end menstruation poverty among female refugees living in Malaysia. Reusable pads handmade by students and refugees were donated, skills to make reusable pads were passed down from students to refugees, and knowledge about menstrual health was shared.

On the 25th of January 2021, THM’s team: Lew Pik Svonn, Kang Zetty Anis and Teang Suh Wei sought help to codify the pad-making process in the form of an educational poster. The Design School at Taylor’s University responded to the call and two of its students Kuan Tze Earn, 20 and Seerat Taayab Mukhtar Qureshi, 19 from the Year 1 along with Senior Lecturer Vinod J. Nair resolved to take on the project. Lecturer Razif Mohamed would later assist in the creation of this site for the purpose of easy accessibility for those seeking to obtain the instructional material.

To download the instructional material click the following links:
A1 Poster Mobile Poster